Chicken with Chinese Sausage and Mushrooms

I’ve been acquainted with chinese mushrooms ever since I was young.  My dad used to slice them thinly, fry them in a little oil, then serve them with a drizzling of vinegar and a sprinkling of sugar.  That would be a special breakfast for me and my dad would always make sure I had a few extra slices on my plate since he knew that I loved them.


This dish is inspired from one of the eateries we had tried along the Banawe area.  And it’s really simple to prepare.  The difference is that the one that we tried had steamed chicken and sausages, while the one that I cooked is boiled in a pan with mushrooms added.  First, I boiled the chickenin  a bit of water to make sure that they were cooked thoroughly and would have tender meat. Just a little water because you wouldn’t want it to look like soup. If it runs dry before them chicken is cooked, just add a bit more as you go along.  Then I added the sliced sausages and mushrooms and a little soy sauce.  That  was it!  The sausage would add a hint of sweetness, and the shiitake mushrooms I used were the dried ones so they added a little saltiness to the dish (just rehydrate in hot water before chopping).  To thicken the sauce, you may add a bit of starch slurry.  Easy, wasn’t it?


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