Fresh Salad

During the hot summer, it’s great to have salad because of three things.  First, is the abundance of fresh vegetables.  Second, cold food in the middle of a hot dining room is wonderful, and lastly, it’s about good health since you’re eating more vegetables than usual.


The salad I made was your typical fare, no fancy ingredients whatsoever. When choosing the lettuce, I tend to use Romaine or Green Ice lettuce since I have read from multiple sources than the most widely available iceberg lettuce has no nutrients.

As for the other ingredients, here’s what’s in the salad:
– sliced cucumber (peeled, cut into logs, seeds discarded)
– carrots,julienned
– tomatoes
– hard boiled eggs
– for hubby, some ham (what we have usually for breakfast), and for me, some crabsticks

The star of the show was the honey mustard dressing, brand is Clara Ole, and is widely available in all groceries.  And I love than it comes in sachets, because it means that we can try different flavors without having to finish an entire big bottle.  Stays fresh too since one sachet is consumed per meal. 


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