Sesame Leaves

I like going to different groceries because you’ll never know what interesting things they sell in the vegetables section.  Although generally I would say that the vegetables in Landmark at Trinoma are fresher because of the high turnover, they have limited choices and tend to concentrate on the basics.  I usually don’t like to do grocery shopping at SM because of the ridiculous way they manage their check out counters (basket lanes even if they’re overflowing with 50 items, big cart lanes even if they just have  4 items in them) but I have to admit they do have a lot more to offer in terms of variety.  In the days when I have to go there to buy bread, I make sure to browse their vegetable section and I most likely try something new.  In this case, sesame leaves. 

The first time I encountered sesame leaves was when we ate at a Korean restaurant.  It’s the kind they give you to wrap your grilled meat with.  Lucky for me, the sesame leaves in the grocery at SM were not sealed, so I had the chance to sniff them and think about how to prepare them.  They were pretty cheap too, at Php15 for over 20 pieces, each piece about as big as a hand.  They had a wonderful smell that reminded me of a mixture of mint and basil, and I decided to add them to some noodle soup.

Since they had such a lovely shape and size, I didn’t want to just add them to the pot of soup.  I decided to line the bowl with them and add the soup on top. It will cook by itself as the soup is added in, and it won’t be overcooked.  Brilliant!  Yay me!


The soup that I added had pork ribs and sotanghon (vermicelli).  Isn’t that just pretty?  🙂  During dinner, the leaves turned a bit darker as they cooked, but it had a lovely taste.  They were a bit soft and had a wonderful aftertaste that went really well with the soup.  My hubby liked it so much that he said we should bring the remaining leaves when we go to my in-law’s place the next day.  I will definitely buy it again the next time I’m in SM, but maybe add it to a stir fry veggie dish instead.



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