How to Train your Freezer

I want a bigger freezer.  But no, I’m not going to buy a new ref.

Having a big freezer has tons of advantages, such as not having to go to the market or grocery too often to restock.  And you know I’ve also started to stock on frozen veggies too. 

As a solution to my dilemma, I discovered a few weeks ago that I could maximize the space in my freezer by storing the frozen food in uniform plastic containers.  My old habit was just to store them in little clear plastic bags, or in the original styro and clingwrap containers that they came in when I bought them from the grocery.   The really annoying part about that was when I stacked them up and a couple of the packages on top would come scrambling down when I tried to rescue the bag underneath.  No more. I’ve learned and I can manage things better now. On my last trip to the grocery, I purchased some clear rectangular microwavable containers, it cost me 55 pesos for a 5-piece pack.

And since the freezer already had a bit  of room and needed replenishment, hubby was nice enough to drive me to the market and to the meatshop.  The bad news is, I got too excited and bought a bit more than what could probably fit in the freezer. I was really getting worried on the drive back home.  But ta-dah!  Everything fit! 🙂


I am sure you know how wide the rectangular microvable containers are, so I don’t have to tell you how big my freezer is.  This is how much stuff I managed to squeeze in.

1. Frozen veggies: 4 broccoli heads, 1 cauliflower, 2 syote, half kilo of baguio beans, a big handful of chicharo, 3 mashed eggplants
2. Two strips of pork tenderloin, sliced
3.  One whole slab of pork ribs (sliced and pre-boiled)
4.  About 8 cuts of boneless pork pata (leg)
5. Three fillets of cream dory (about 12 inches each)
6.  Half of a big boneless bangus (we had the other half for lunch)
7.  More than 2.5 kgs of chicken (leg and thigh parts)
8.  Breakfast meat slices: hams, salami, bacon
9.  One container of sliced pork kasim
10.  One whole Labahita fillet
11.  Ground pork (see that flat slab?
12.  Bits of lean ground beef and chicken breast

As I type this blog entry, I am relaxing with a nice big glass of okinawa milk tea with panna cotta, simply because it took me almost 4 hours to clean up and cook most of the stuff above in my single-burner stove.  Not that the double-burner isn’t cheap enough in comparison to the time I save, but because there just isn’t enough space in the place that we’re staying in.  At the beginning, I had enough energy to line up the behaved chubby chicken legs in their respective container assignments, after washing them and skinning the fatty thighs.


Towards  the end, I found out I had enough energy to line up the veggies too. (Sarcasm alert, I was already stretching my neck muscles by then)


But it was all worth it to see them fit and stacked up so nicely!  I can just imagine my friend Dianne screaming “OC! OC!” if she sees this picture. Hehe. Don’t forget the ice trays. THREE ice trays. Haha. 🙂
It’s also worth all the work on a weekend, since it’ll be so much easier during weekdays when I’m in a rush to cook, and the meat is already boiled and tender (just add flavorings), and the veggies just need a bit of reheating in the microwave, and the chicken is already sliced and cleaned and ready for sauteing.

Next up, I’ll tell you where I shop for most of my meat now. 🙂


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