FoodFind: MyOwn Meatshop

This is where I buy my meat now.  Hubby and I discovered a place called “My Own Meatshop” by accident.  He wanted to stop by a bike shop across the street, I knew I would get bored and just be in the way in the small shop, so I told him I would just check out the meatshop across the street.  For a meatshop, it was pretty huge, maybe 4 times the size of your usual Monterrey store. 

When I went inside, I was a bit surprised to see the place lined with freezers.  I was honestly expecting to see a family-run business with stainless steel or tiled counters, with sweaty butchers in aprons, with meat slices hanging in the air.  This place was fully airconditioned, had a security guard outside, had food packed and sealed, had a lot of variety, had polite and knowledgeable staff, and their prices were relatively cheaper than what I pay for in the wet market or grocery store!

Now, before I go on, let’s make sure that the comparison is fair.  For example, the kilo of chicken here costs a little less than a hundred pesos, and is imported from the US.  In the wet market, fresh chicken costs about 140 pesos per kilo, but the wet market where I buy chicken from slaughters the chickens on-site — yes, from clucking in cages to defeathering (is that even a word?) to chopping right before your eyes. And as you choose and put them in the weighing scale, you still feel the warmth from their usedtobealive bodies.  Can’t get any fresher than that.  Now, to be honest, I haven’t tried buying the imported chicken here yet, but I am willing to show you some of the meat pieces that I got.

Boneless pork pata (pork legs).  You can’t even find these in the grocery.  And the price is lower compared to buying them with bones from elsewhere.


Pork tenderloin.  I like the fact that they kept the original shape.  Hubby had no idea what it was when I pulled it out of the freezer.


We also got some pork ribs (sorry, no pictures). The ribs were baby-backribs type without the fat and skin, properly named the american cut here in the Philippines, which is very rarely offered in the supermarket or wet market.  I like buying this cut for soups and barbecue.

They also have a lot of imported things, such as prime beef cuts, whole turkeys, whole lamb legs, smoked salmon (drooool), lots of different types of fish, oysters, and abalone  Here’s some pictures of their freezer.  No negative comments about the pictures, please.  I’m not a professional when it comes to photography, and I’m just using my trusty little camera phone. 🙂





I love how they lined up the walls with informative posters, such as the different meat cuts, or the proper temperature for thawing meat. 


They sell some flavored meat seasonings too, but I find it a bit expensive at more than Php88.  The similar ones I get at Hi-Top are less than Php50 each.
And free recipes!


Bottomline, they’re great and cost effective for a majority of the things that they sell.  Some items, like mussels, are imported and come in a sealed box and cost more than triple from the wet market rates.  I promise to try their chicken next time.  And maybe some Sole fish.  And maybe splurge on some smoked salmon on my birthday.   🙂

MyOwn Meatshop is located along Panay Avenue in Quezon City.  From Quezon Avenue, turn right at Timog, then a left turn at Panay Ave.

6 Responses to “FoodFind: MyOwn Meatshop”
  1. Ros says:

    Sana meron din dito nyan sa San Juan! 🙂

  2. Thank you for the kind review!

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  6. mercyjackson says:

    Hi! I am happy to let you know that Food Basket Manila is offering delivery services for My Own Meat products at a minimum spend of P 1,000.00. Delivery charges apply depending on location.

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