FoodFind: Illy

Yesterday was one of those rare occacions when we went to Makati. We rarely go there. Aside from the distance and the traffic, hubby hates figuring out which streets are one-way in what direction. But we had to do stuff so off we went to Glorietta.

After standing up for 3 hours, we were tired and hubby begged for refuge. We weren’t hungry but his legs were really tired so off we went to look for the nearest cafe. We stumbled upon Illy inside National Bookstore. We got inside and found a seat. The guard was diligent enough to shoo off those that were just loitering without ordering anything, so finding a seat was okay. I knew hubby was really tired when he refused to browse books while waiting for our orders. He rarely says no to books.


So anyway, I ordered an Oreo smoothie with extra shots of coffee. They offered an oreo smoothie on their menu, but it was not coffee-based, so the barista was nice enough and said it was possible to just add it as an extra. I wanted something different that I wouldn’t normally get at other coffee shops. The combination of oreos and coffee was definitely a winner! If you’re a coffee shop owner looking for a new flavor, try this one!

They also had some cakes and pasta and sandwiches, which we might have tried if we were a bit hungrier. Maybe at the Shangri-la branch, closer to home. 🙂

Here’s their menu, to give you an idea on the choices and prices.




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