Dessert Duo: Oreo Cookie Balls and Banana Chocolate Mousse

My boss in the US always comments on how many holidays we have in Manila.  Practically every month.  More notably, we had 3 holidays for August 2013.  If our office had been located in Quezon City, we would have had 4 holidays this month.

But I made good use of the last holiday and tried my hand at making desserts.

First up, Oreo Cookie Balls, which is the little round thing on the right side of the  picture below.  It was inspired from Pinterest, and the oh-so-easy recipe was taken from Allrecipes.

oreo cookie ball and banana chocolate mousse

The one on the left was inspired by our last trip to the airport.  Everyone here in Manila knows what a hassle it is to get to the airport.  So we went extra early, and had lunch at Macapagal Avenue while waiting.  We went to starbucks for dessert, I had my favorite banoffee pie, and while eating, I was thinking about how easy to make it was.  Crust, bananas, toffee and chocolate drizzling, and whipped cream.  I thought replacing it with chocolate mousse would make it more exciting, and that’s exactly what I did.  I was quite surprised to find that most recipes for chocolate mousse used eggs.  Good thing that one of the blogs that I regularly followed had a recipe for one that did not require eggs.

So off we went to the grocery to grab the ingredients.  Because we went to one of the smaller ones nearby, I had limited choices and ended up buying a pretty expensive package of whipping cream.  Never mind.  Next time I make this, I’ll know what to use.


The Oreo Cookie Balls has 3 simple ingredients and 3 simple steps to make : 36 pieces of oreos, crushed and mixed with a block of cream cheese, and dipped into melted chocolate.  In the picture above, I ended up using the Goya easy-melt dark chocolate only.  We’ll just have the Meiji Black for some other special occasion.  I had an inspiration to use small ice cream scoops, like the one that your regular “dirty ice cream” vendor uses, but could not find it at the store.  So half was rolled into tiny balls and half was shaped into flat oblongs using the polvoron maker.  We used half the pack of chocolate for coating, and there was still some excess, so we mixed it with some cream and used it as a garnish of sorts.  So the chocolate coating isn’t really 2 kinds of chocolate, it was just dark chocolate and dark chocolate with cream.


Now, for the banana chocolate mousse (“Bamousse”????)

1.  Crush the pack of graham crackers to make the crust.  To firm it up, mix with butter.  For this batch, we used a little less than half of a block of butter.  It was enough to make about 8 round containers.  Freeze the crust while we make the chocolate mousse.

2.  I used a glass container and heated it on top of a pan of boiling water.  Mix in the 1/3 cup of very hot water, 1.5 packs of the chocolate (we needed 220g and each pack was 150g), the marshmallows, and chopped up quarter-block of butter.  The marshmallows would be the hardest thing to melt, so I cut them up into thinner slices using my kitchen scissors.  For the image below, I left one big piece on top, just so you can visualize how thin I made them.

Mallows 001

3.  While waiting for everything to melt, whip up the cream.  You need one cup of cream for the recipe, and add extra for the garnish later.  I used my salad spinner for this task.  Okay, it’s a salad spinner but you can remove the basket and replace it with a mixer or chopping blades.  First time for me to use the mixer.    I knew this would come in handy someday, haha!  So anyway, since all the websites said to be careful not to overwhip the cream, I timed how much beating it should take.  In my case, 3 minutes was just right.

4.  Once the chocolate and marshmallows have been fully liquified and allowed to cool a bit, fold the whipped cream (it should be about 2 cups by now after the whipping) into the chocolate.

5.  Scoop a little onto the individual cups containing the graham crusts.  Just a little.  Then add the chopped up bananas and add more of the chocolate mousse, enough to submerge it.

6.  Let it firm up a bit in the refrigerator and top with the extra whipped cream to make it pretty.  All done!

As a tip, i do advise adding the extra whipped cream on top.  Aside from aesthetics, the whipped cream is tasteless, and can neutralize the taste if the chocolate mousse is too sweet for some.  My husband and I do not like extra sweet things, so this extra step really made it better.

I brought some samples to the office the next day since the total yield was more than enough for me and hubby to finish on our own.  More people liked the chocolate mousse better, and hearing them rave about it made all the work worth it.  That is good news for me since I found the mousse easier to make.  Not that the oreo cookie balls weren’t good, very good in fact, but the mousse was just a bigger hit.

As a bonus, here are some background shots while working.

First up, the recipe cheat sheet, taped to the dining table.

Recipe 001

And here’s the salad spinner / mixer  device I was telling you about.


I also have a picture of the hubby taking dozens of pictures of the mixer, searching for a perfect angle.  I told him he was picking on it.  I won’t upload it for now lest he murders me after he wakes up from his afternoon siesta. 🙂  Oh wait, he just said okay!


Also, my other battle gear!

Equipment 001

Do try these recipes, you won’t regret it, I promise! 🙂


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