Espresso Day at McDonald’s

I first heard about the espresso day promo from facebook.  So here’s the deal.  You know McDonald’s has McCafe.  Mondays and Saturdays only.  For every value meal that you purchase, you can have your drink upgraded for free to a regular cappuccino or a medium iced mocha.  I think it’s a great deal because an upgrade like that usually costs about 60 pesos.  It’s great for those like me who haven’t tried their iced mocha yet, and it’s great that they also have an option for a hot specialty coffee.   I’ve tried their cappuccino before and it’s pretty good.  Not sweet, plus it’s soothing and relaxing.  And note that this is good for the entire day,which means that even if you order a burger meal, you can have your drink upgraded for free.

So last saturday, we went ahead and gave it a try.  Hubby had the hotcakes with sausage meal, and tried it with the new blueberry syrup.  I  had the egg mcmuffin with iced mocha.  Since I would try the iced mocha, hubby said he would try the hot cappuccino.


It surprised me that even though there were signs up on each cashier, hardly anybody had the upgrade.  And it’s not like they were ordering juice.  Most of them had brewed coffee on their trays.  I guess they were pretty dead set on what they wanted to order.  Oh well. And no, the cashiers didn’t make an extra effort to mention to the customers that there was a promo.

Another cool deal, they also gave you extra coupons for a buy one take one that you can use in the future.  Awesome.

Whoops, before I forget.  Yes, the blueberry syrup was good, according to hubby.  I would never order the chocolate syrup because I can make that on my own at home.  The iced mocha was good, slightly thick and not as watery as the coffee float.

You can visit Mcdo’s facebook page for more details, including the list of participating branches:

Kitakits! 🙂

One Response to “Espresso Day at McDonald’s”
  1. I didn’t know about this too. Thank you for the info. I’d love to try their iced mocha next time. 🙂

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