Mezza Norte at Trinoma

We’ve been to Mezza Norte several times, back when it was still located at the UP-Ayala Technohub along Commonwealth Avenue, and more so when they moved to their current location at the open parking of the Trinoma Mall.  It’s a setup composed of several dozen food stalls with tents and plastic tables and chairs that allow you to dine al fresco.  Long have I wanted to post a blog entry about it, but since it is only open at night (4PM-3AM) and the yellow lights don’t really give the best pictures, I never got the chance to.  But there was one time that I had the chance to leave work earlier and make it there before sunset.

First up, pictures of what we ordered.  I had some grilled isaw (chicken intestines) before that was really REALLY good, so I decided to try their chicken barbecue.  It did not disappoint.  Chicken meat was tender and flavorful, and the addition of calamansi dip made it even better.


Hubby had some meatballs with gravy.


My drink is usually an order of peach green tea from BumbleTea.  With pearls, no sugar.


And hubby had his usual order of taclings, mini crunchy tacos.  These are already available in the mall.  At least, I know they have a stall at megamall 5th floor.  I’m surprised he doesn’t get tired of them.  He orders them practically every time we’re there.


We got there around 5PM, so I was quite surprised that not all stalls were open.  Some were still setting up, but they didn’t look like they were rushing.  Oh well.  The early birds get rewarded by being featured on my blog, haha. 🙂

There were 3 stalls that sold drinks aside from Bumble Tea.  One was a central station for soda and water (which I assume that the organizer maintains), a stall of fruit shakes and iced tea in bottles, and one that had fruit mixes in tall drink towers dispensed into paper cups.


And here are the food stalls.

This is where I ordered the chicken barbecue.  If you’re squeamish about eating innards, they have pork barbecue too.  And liempo.  And non-grilled food.  For the braver ones, there’s some betamax (cubed blood clots, rightmost tray on the picture below).


Bagnet is like lechon kawali.  I’ve tried this one before, where they chop it into small chunks a la sisig, then mixed it with some tofu, stir fried.


There are lots of burger stalls, at least 3.


There’s shawarma…


My friend Dianne loves the fried burritos here.  I’ve never tried them because I’m not a big fan of Mexican food.


This is probably the only food stall that I saw that had vegetables.  Aside from the lumpia, they also had roast beef, pork chops, ribs…


This one specializes on Filipino food with a twist. Hubby is planning on trying their chicken cordon bleu next time.


Trust me when I say that there are more than a dozen stalls selling a dozen varieties of pork chops.


This one serves nachos and takoyaki.


And there are also some stalls that server dessert.



We like going there on Friday nights because :

1.  Friday is a time to relax (aka I don’t want to cook)

2.  there are dozen of options and it will take you months to try them all

3.  food is relatively cheap compared to eating at the mall

4.  most stalls showcase new concepts so you get to try something new

5.  there is live band and the ambiance is relaxing

6.  food is good

You would need to find a seat first, though, before you order anything.  It can be quite challenging on peak hours, say dinnertime.  And walking around is quite an adventure when it’s raining. 🙂



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