My Christmas Wishlist


There are a lot of things I would want to save up for, things that are useful in the house.  I’m not one who buys expensive bags or designer shoes, and yes, to me a Coach bag is expensive and I don’t see the need for one.  As I always say, the bag shouldn’t be more expensive than its contents.  🙂   I am pretty domesticated and I love learning things on my own.  At this age of internet and information, you can learn anything.  Plus, you can always ask your mom or dad 🙂  Anyways, here is my list of wants/needs. I’m a jack-of-all-trades kind of person.   1.  I want a pretty basic sewing machine with serger.  One of the things on my bucket list is to make my own dress.  I’ve made my own bags before and some pillowcases and stuff, but have never made a dress from scratch.  And I think having a serger is important and would make your life so much easier.  (photos below taken from and Presenting the Janome Jem Gold Plus Portable Sewing Machine with Light Serging System (LSS) Model 661.  The only sad part about this, as is with buying any other appliance from the US, is the input voltage difference.   PhotoGrid_1382186090823   The next one is for my paranoid side.  A paper shredder, cross cut, capable of handling staplers.  This one is available locally.  If you don’t understand why it has to be cross cut, it means you haven’t watched the movie Argo yet.



For the kitchen, I want a bread machine.  It will mean less trips to the grocery for me.  And no, I can’t freeze them because my freezer’s not that big. Thiis is the Oster brand.



And maybe a and mixer.  For fruit shakes and soups.  This should be easier to wash compared to a blender.  Less storage space too.



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