Belle de Jour 2014 Planner

My Belle de Jour 2014 planner has finally arrived!  I was not expecting it to arrive yesterday since it’s a national holiday.  It took quite a while too (more suspense, I guess) considering that I ordered it on the first week of October.

What’s so special about the planner this year?  For one thing, you have the option to have your name printed on the cover.  There is also an option to choose a more minimalist (?) cover for an extra Php 100, but I decided not to.  The customized name on the cover normally costs an addition Php 100, but they give it for free if you can send a picture of yourself with at least 3 of your old BDJ planners.  I had mine customized, but covered it with the BDJ card in the picture. 🙂


First thing I did was to check out the coupons.  Really.  This was one of the biggest reasons why I bought a BDJ 4 years ago.  It might seem expensive at more than Php500, but it really isn’t when you consider the savings that you’ll get afterwards.  There are two buy-1-take-1 coupons for Ace Water Spa and that alone will save you Php550 each.  I am glad they still have it this year.  The coupon that I miss the most is the buy-1-take-1 breakfast set at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (CBTL).  Their eggs benedict were really, really good.  I have not managed the summon up the courage to make one at home yet. But I will, eventually.

Anyhow, going back to the coupons.  They retained a lot of their major sponsors from the previous years.  CBTL still has several, along with Parisian, SM, Ace Water Spa and Hotel, Red Box, and Megaworld.  I noticed they also had new ones (at least, I think they’re new… I didn’t check with the current planner): Terranova, Skinfood, Mister Donut, J.Co, Tonkatsu, Yamamay, Print Social, Wacoal, Celeteque, and Red Mango.


Some of the discounts are really good, like the one in Ace Water Spa, and the one from Wacoal looks like a good deal too.  The CBTL ones I always use up.  I’m also looking forward to using the one from Red Mango.  They used to have White Hat, but I guess Red Mango is their new froyo sponsor.  Then there are ones that I found a bit weird, such as the one from Serenitea.  It says, “Buy 4 drinks and the 5th drink gets 10% discount” — so assuming that each drink costs Php100, you get a Php10 discount on a Php500 bill. Eek.


Onto the other sections.

Aside from the coupons, I like browsing the Bucket List page.  I like crossing off the things that I’ve already done.  On the 2012 planner, I actually did it with 2 of my good friends, using different colored pens.  Really fun. 🙂


The back cover has an inner pocket.  I use it to store the used coupons and receipts, as well as the BDJ notebook.  This year, it came with free stickers.  Those who like scrapbooking will probably enjoy this.


Inside pages have a burst of cool tones and themed designs.  In a way, it reminds me of Egypt in Plants vs Zombies. 🙂


The most important section for me is (duh) the daily planner itself.  It is one of the few planners that actually indicate the time per day, extremely useful for my job.  The sad part is it assumes that you work on dayshift, which is really not the case with most jobs these days. Haha. 🙂


I also took a picture of the edge, and put a marker on when January starts.  This is just to demonstrate how many pages there are until you actually reach the first month.  It has profile pages, coupons list, the bucket list, goals page, habit maker/breaker, intro page, and a few ads.


Overall, I’m happy with the 2014 BDJ planner.  I almost didn’t get it because the mechanics on their emails and facebook page were quite confusing, but I’m glad I went ahead with it.  If you want to look at the other features, they’re here on the last page working as a makeshift bookmark. 🙂



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