Friuli Trattoria

Maginhawa Street in Quezon City is getting known as food street.  It’s as if the residences there suddenly realized they all wanted to open up restaurants.  To get there, you can go through either CP Garcia Avenue or via Elliptical Road.  (Maps courtesy of Google Maps and Wikimapia)

map maginhawa street

Here’s a snapshot of the restaurants there.  Just click on the picture to zoom in.   There are more restaurants than what you can see in the picture.  And the nearby streets have caught on and more restaurants are sprouting up.

restaurants maginhawa


Being that there are so many restaurants to choose from, I asked around on which one I should try first.  Friuli was highly recommended, and so we went.

Friuli Trattoria serves pasta and pizza.  Prices were pretty good, so we decided to splurge on an appetizer, pasta, and pizza.






We decided to get Toasted Ravioli, because it reminded me one of the places I loved —  St.Louis, MO.   They cooked it a bit differently but it was good nonetheless.  And the serving was huge.  See how one piece was a wide as the can of soda?



This was our first time, so to maximize the taste test, we had two flavors on one pizza.



I don’t particularly like white sauce on pasta, so went with a tomato-based one.



I would definitely recommend the place.  The only other place we’ve tried so far is Gayuma ni Maria, which will be on a separate post.  I’ve always wanted to try Pino but I’ll save it for my birthday, haha. 🙂

As a reference to some of the restaurants there, here are a couple of really useful links. Enjoy. 🙂





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