Learn Something New

Here is my need-to-learn bucket list, or my useful-in-life bucket list.  Some things that I want to learn because I sincerely believe they are useful in life, not things I want to do just because.

1.  Learn to make my own dresses, or at the very least, learn to adjust them to the right size.

–  Ever been invited to a big wedding party, then see two people wearing the same dress? I always dread that.  Or maybe you’re going shopping and you see that perfect dress but they don’t have it in the right size?  Or see a great dress in the mall that costs more than your salary?  Aside from that, you can find dressmaking useful when costume parties come along. 🙂


2.  Prepare Japanese food.

–  Japanese food is healthy, and very expensive.  They are not easy to prepare, and require so many ingredients that are alien to me.  I don’t just mean the sushi rolls though.  I want to learn the rice and soup dishes too.


3.  Change a flat tire.  And change the oil.

–  This is self explanatory.  I think everyone should learn these.


4.  Haggle at the bazaar.

–  Maybe this requires inborn talent?  Hahaha. 🙂  I have seen friends do it, and have sometimes reached the point where I was embarrassed to be seen with them. But after you hear about the prices that they haggled to… wow.


5.  Make small talk.

–  It really can brighten up a day.


6.  Do my own makeup.

–  You need make up once in a while.  I don’t mean looking like a painting everyday.  Just enough so that I won’t look like I just jumped out of bed after partying all night.


7.  Learn to distinguish real from fake jewelry.

–  This one requires a pro.  Perhaps someone from the pawnshop?


8.  Sign Language. Or Mandarin.

–  A definite advantage.


9.  Public speaking, or hosting.

–  Maybe I should join the toastmasters huh?


10.  Swim and ride a bike!

–  So very basic, but not to me!!!


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