Espresso Day at McDonald’s

I first heard about the espresso day promo from facebook.  So here’s the deal.  You know McDonald’s has McCafe.  Mondays and Saturdays only.  For every value meal that you purchase, you can have your drink upgraded for free to a regular cappuccino or a medium iced mocha.  I think it’s a great deal because an … Continue reading

Chocolate on My Waffles

No butter or maple syrup on my waffles please.  Just dark chocolate syrup, thank you.     If you find it weird that I put chocolate syrup on my waffles, you’re not alone.  A lot of people have told me how weird I am, haha. 🙂  Try it before you judge! Really good! Before, I … Continue reading

Cream Cheese Spread

There was a time when S&R was on sale, and I managed to buy a box of Philadelphia Cream Cheese for only Php65.  That’s really a good deal.  I would’ve bought more, but I was warned about how short the shelf life was.  Dad said that I had to consume it within a week after … Continue reading

Waffles at White Hat Serendra

Did you even know that White Hat served waffles? D and I went to Serendra after attending a wedding at Forbes Park.  It was a first time for D to go there, and book lover that he is, was looking forward to the huge Fully Booked branch there.  We had an early lunch that day … Continue reading

What to do with Croutons

Aside from adding it to salad, like what I did on my broccoli salad, you can use croutons as toppers for soup.  This is hubby’s idea, really.  In the picture below, we added it to a chicken sopas (macaroni pasta in creamy soup) that we had for breakfast on a rainy saturday morning.  

Elle & Vire Cheese

This is my current favorite cheese, which I discovered while searching for a substitute that I could use for my experimental tomato with cheese appetizer. Inside the package are eight individual servings. Available in most supermarkets — Landmark, S&R, etc.  I usually just slather it on some toasted wheat (multigrain) bread.  Yummy goodness.

Rodic’s Tapsilog

There are two things that draw us to this place that is famous for good tapsilog.  One, my hubby, D, loves tapsilog.  That is probably his comfort food.  Two, I am an alumnus of UP, and Rodic’s is one of the pillars of reasonably-priced good food in the five years of my student life. I … Continue reading

Breakfast for Two: Baguettes

Every so often, i try to think of something different to prepare.  on weekdays when D and i rush to get to work on time, the usual breakfast is a packed sandwich, either PB&J, ham, cheese, tuna, marmalade, whatever.  so on weekends, when we have more time, we have an occasional pancake breakfast, or ma-chang, … Continue reading

Breakfast at Bellore

Recently, Hubby and I have been trying to make it a regular habit to jog at least once a week.  The university campus where I took my undergrad is a great place for it, with half of the academic oval now devoted to joggers and bikes.  Large trees abound, protecting us from the sun.  Not … Continue reading

Ben’s Creamed Beef

I posted this recipe over at community. Now I’m posting it here for record purposes. =) ———————————– Sound’s like a clobbered up cow, doesn’t it? =p My family’s first encounter with creamed beef was at Camp John Hay in Baguio City. My dad loved it so much our summer getaways to Baguio always included … Continue reading