Alyanne’s Cafe

Here is another food adventure using an Ensogo voucher.  No pics from this trip, since I made it a personal rule not to take pictures when eating out with my mom and dad. Though I have never heard of Alyanne’s Cafe before, and neither has any of my friends, I was still inclined to buy … Continue reading

Dinner at BigOli

Yeah, yeah, yeah… another coupon adventure. I can’t help it. This is what we do on nights when hubby and I both get off work late. We eat out, and what better way to try new places at terrific prices?   But I do my homework before I buy the vouchers. Here are the things … Continue reading


How many donuts are you allowed to consume in a day? How about in a year? More than a year ago today, hubby and I had joined Krispy Kreme’s Fave Fan contest.  The original contest website is no longer up, but you can check out this other blog for details.  A trip to the US, … Continue reading

Dinner at Tender Bob’s

Another night of fine dining thanks to CashCashPinoy vouchers.  This time, we went to a place we’ve been to before.   The voucher costs Php275 for a Php500 value.  We had two vouchers, and these are what we ordered…   Potato Skins, Php170.  Garlic mayo dip and cheese dip on the side.  We finished that big … Continue reading

More Coupons!

Aside from the regular sites that I visit for coupons (Ensogo, Cashcashpinoy, Buyanihan), a new website will be offering a similar service and is giving away major prizes until its official launch on Feb 1st! Click the link below and sign up to join the raffle!

FoodFind: Chef Bistro

Our second chance to use up online coupons was during our wedding anniversary.  D and I went to Chef’s Bistro at Scout Gandia, which is along the Tomas Morato area. Since we had a preview of the menu online, we pretty much knew how many coupons we needed to purchase.  We decided to get an … Continue reading


In an earlier post, I mentioned that we would be using the Ensogo coupons.  We went to Clawdaddy at the Shangrila Mall, and had a blast! My folks and I are big fans of crab, while D and my sister are not.  We opted to order a variety of dishes to satisfy everyone’s cravings.  Here’s … Continue reading

Online Coupons

I have been regularly tracking three websites that offer discount coupons for foods and services. These websites allow promotional rates for different establishments for a limited period of time.  Personally, I have only tried Ensogo.  Purchased twice, but since the coupons are good for about 6 months, I have not used them … Continue reading

My 2011 BDJ Planner!

Finally! My 2011 Belle de Jour planner has arrived!  I was waiting for the email from the BDJ team yesterday while I was at the office, thinking that they would send me a tracking number for the shipment, but voila!  It has already arrived! The ordering process was fairly smooth.  Placed my order online last … Continue reading

The Perfect Bathroom Shower

Hubby and I have been to Sofitel twice. I mean, as guests to the hotel and not counting the times we went there as diners to their sumptuous buffet at Spiral.  On a side note, let me take this opportunity to say thank you to the kind individual who gave us the membership benefits.  These are … Continue reading