Chicken in Pineapple Stew

This is my version of the pininyahang manok.  I decided to cook it for dinner today because we did a major cleanup of the ref this afternoon to throw out all the stuff that were past the expiry date, felt really bad about the wasted food, and decided to make use of the neglected cans … Continue reading

Lunch at Mesa

On the day of our very-late-night-flight trip to Malaysia, I skipped work to see a doctor about my aching toe.  Turns out I sprained a tendon, which I suspect was caused by one of my heeled sandals.  Hated that I had to wait for 3 hours before the doctor came (yes, I was first in … Continue reading

I Confess, I Rarely Cook on Saturdays Now

Okaaaaay… I guess I had to say it sooner or later. Yes, I rarely cook on saturdays!  Recently, anyway.  It has been weeks since our last trip to the wet market that we go to, which used to be 10-15 minutes away by car.  Now there’s a road construction that more than doubled travel time. … Continue reading

What to do with Croutons

Aside from adding it to salad, like what I did on my broccoli salad, you can use croutons as toppers for soup.  This is hubby’s idea, really.  In the picture below, we added it to a chicken sopas (macaroni pasta in creamy soup) that we had for breakfast on a rainy saturday morning.  

Pepeton’s Grill

Hubby and I went to Pepeton’s Grill on a Tuesday afternoon.  We came early for the dinner crowd, just a little past 5PM. I knew before we went there that the place had a special dish called ‘Kapalmuks’ – half of a pig’s head deep fried until crispy.  However, that will probably be too much … Continue reading

Stringbeans with Longganisa

Just to share what I did with some leftover longganisa from breakfast. I used it to flavor the veggies for dinner.  You might notice that I already did that once, on our tempura with veggies dinner.  The longganisa I used was a leftover from breakfast.  Why not, right?    

Bicol Express

I did something new last night.  I cooked something that I had never tasted before.  Simply because I know Bicol Express is a spicy dish, and I’m not a big fan of spicy dishes.  However, since I’m cooking the dish, I can control how spicy I want it to be. J   My hubby loves spicy dishes, … Continue reading

Good Food at The Chocolate Kiss with Good Friends

The Chocolate Kiss is my favorite dining place while I was still an undergrad at UP Diliman.  By no means is it cheap for a student’s budget, so we only dined there on very special occasions.  I remember we had lunch there after my graduation from the College of Engineering.   It is aptly located … Continue reading

Beef Salpicao

Those who attended our wedding might remember that the wedding souvenirs that we gave away were little bottled spices which came with a ref magnet containing three recipes.  Pork dumplings, Seafood Marinara (my favorite dish), and Beef Salpicao (D’s favorite).  The spices were part of the recipes, something that will hopefully give the guests a … Continue reading

Baby Squid in Olive Oil

Last night’s dinner, or should I say, appetizer.  Very light. I purchased some baby squid during our last trip to the market.  This is the first time I purchased baby squid, with bodies abour two inches in length.  The usual ones that I get are about five or six inches in body length.  Also, hubby … Continue reading