Nommu Bar and Resto

So in case you haven’t noticed yet, my favorite food genre is Japanese.  Too bad they’re so expensive.  Anyhow.  So when I saw Ensogo selling vouchers for a Japanese resto along Tomas Morato, I couldn’t resist.   Take note of the name.  It really is a bar that also serves meals.  We had a php500 … Continue reading

Tofu Steak

I told my hubby that I had a surprise prepared for lunch.  This is a surprise because I don’t eat tofu. 🙂 This was inspired from my mom’s favorite dish over at Teriyaki Boy.  I told hubby that japanese tofu was easier for me to “endure” because they were so soft that I could swallow … Continue reading

Brown Rice at Teriyaki Boy

This was from the last time that we ate at Teriyaki Boy in Banawe.  Sometimes we try to order something different, something that we haven’t tried before.  On this occasion, I’m glad that we did. Presenting the Tori Brown Rice Nabe. They did a superb job with this.  The rice was soft and not grainy, … Continue reading

Kani Salad

I know it’s a weekday, and I usually blog on weekends, but I’m really excited about this post. This is the first time I’ve made Kani Salad, an appetizer which I truly adore.   There were several obstacles I had to face before my first attempt.  One, how to shred the cucumber.  I had no … Continue reading

Sambokojin Feast

I was hearing friends going to buffets left and right, here and there, those online vouchers apparently giving out irresistable deals.  To me, they are still expensive, as most deals are made by hotels.  But hearing them everyday was torture, and I figured that with all the belt-tightening with our funds lately, we could use … Continue reading

Food Trip at Banawe Street, QC

*All photos courtesy of my friend over at I don’t really remember how the conversation started, or who made the plans.  I think there were several incidents when I’d be discussing with a colleague, and a fil-chi friend and I would casually drop in a Chinese restaurant that we’ve both be overly familiar with, … Continue reading

Pork Hofan Noodle Soup

So, after I cut up the ribs part to make the barbecued slab, what did I do with the liempo?  A part of it was “stolen” to make some nice, piping-hot noodle soup that I served on a cold rainy night.  And for a change, I used hofan instead of the usual egg noodles. The … Continue reading

Sashimi Night Part III: Shrimp Tempura

So, onto our third sashimi session.  This time, while I was thinking of what to pair with it, D mentioned that he wanted some rice.  As I was poring over the cupboards and the freezer, thinking of what to cook, I suddenly had the inspiration to cook shrimp tempura.  Good thing there was just enough … Continue reading

Sashimi Night Part II: Veggie Fest

On our next home sashimi session, we decided to have a veggie feast along with it, instead of the california maki and sweet and sour pork that appeared a couple of weeks back.    So here you have it, three kinds of veggies. First, pechay tagalog, cooked with oyster sauce, garlic, and a drizzle of … Continue reading

Foodfind: Kozui Green Tea

So here is the latest in our search for a new place to explore.  Along Tomas Morato, beside the Baang coffee shop.  I actually noticed it by accident when I was googling for reviews about Baang, and a blog that I stumbled upon mentioned that he was a regular at Kozui and just tried Baang … Continue reading