New Food Options at Serenitea

Aside from the usual pepper chicken and pepper corn, I like the mochi buns at Serenitea.  And depending on how hungry you are, you’ll likely find something that will pair well with your drink. Now… tada… drum roll, please…. new snack options! Now those who aren’t fond of very peppery snacks will have more options.  … Continue reading

Brown Rice at Teriyaki Boy

This was from the last time that we ate at Teriyaki Boy in Banawe.  Sometimes we try to order something different, something that we haven’t tried before.  On this occasion, I’m glad that we did. Presenting the Tori Brown Rice Nabe. They did a superb job with this.  The rice was soft and not grainy, … Continue reading

Food Trip at Banawe Street, QC

*All photos courtesy of my friend over at I don’t really remember how the conversation started, or who made the plans.  I think there were several incidents when I’d be discussing with a colleague, and a fil-chi friend and I would casually drop in a Chinese restaurant that we’ve both be overly familiar with, … Continue reading

foodfind: King Chef

Yesterday, I was tired from a long day at the hospital.  My sister had an appendectomy last weekend, and her HMO drove us crazy. Anyhow…It was past 4:00 PM when we left the hospital and we reached home by 5.  I told D that I just needed a quick shower before we head out to dinner. I was certainly not in the mood to cook anymore and … Continue reading

FoodFind: Chicken Charlie

first of all, i would like to apologize for the slightly blurry pictures.  i swear, it doesn’t do the chicken justice!  remind me not to use a phone camera for important pictures. haha. we were on our way to lunch at Tasty Dumpling in the Banawe area after church service today.  D had already found … Continue reading