Clawdaddy Buffet


Dear Seasons, You Didn’t Even Try

Dear Seasons Buffet at the Manila Pavilion, The buffet experience at Seasons last Sunday night was so disappointing that at first, I could not bear to not write about it.  The images from other blogs on the internet show how much the quality has degraded over the past few months.  You represent the hotel, and … Continue reading

Sambokojin Feast

I was hearing friends going to buffets left and right, here and there, those online vouchers apparently giving out irresistable deals.  To me, they are still expensive, as most deals are made by hotels.  But hearing them everyday was torture, and I figured that with all the belt-tightening with our funds lately, we could use … Continue reading

Breakfast at Bellore

Recently, Hubby and I have been trying to make it a regular habit to jog at least once a week.  The university campus where I took my undergrad is a great place for it, with half of the academic oval now devoted to joggers and bikes.  Large trees abound, protecting us from the sun.  Not … Continue reading