Friuli Trattoria

Maginhawa Street in Quezon City is getting known as food street.  It’s as if the residences there suddenly realized they all wanted to open up restaurants.  To get there, you can go through either CP Garcia Avenue or via Elliptical Road.  (Maps courtesy of Google Maps and Wikimapia) Here’s a snapshot of the restaurants there. … Continue reading

New Food Options at Serenitea

Aside from the usual pepper chicken and pepper corn, I like the mochi buns at Serenitea.  And depending on how hungry you are, you’ll likely find something that will pair well with your drink. Now… tada… drum roll, please…. new snack options! Now those who aren’t fond of very peppery snacks will have more options.  … Continue reading

FoodFind: MyOwn Meatshop

This is where I buy my meat now.  Hubby and I discovered a place called “My Own Meatshop” by accident.  He wanted to stop by a bike shop across the street, I knew I would get bored and just be in the way in the small shop, so I told him I would just check … Continue reading

Clawdaddy Buffet

I Confess, I Rarely Cook on Saturdays Now

Okaaaaay… I guess I had to say it sooner or later. Yes, I rarely cook on saturdays!  Recently, anyway.  It has been weeks since our last trip to the wet market that we go to, which used to be 10-15 minutes away by car.  Now there’s a road construction that more than doubled travel time. … Continue reading

Milk Tea Musings

It’s the latest craze.  While coffee is still an IN thing, you can’t ignore that milk tea places are sprouting up everywhere. Can’t blame the crowd though–in a country like ours, with our temperature and humidity levels, who wouldn’t be craving for a cold refreshing (and healthy!) drink? We try to limit our tea intake … Continue reading

Shantung Dinner

I know I’ve said that there were very few websites that I buy vouchers from, but this is one exception.  A good friend in the office told me that there was a voucher for a restaurant called Shantung, which was very near our house.  I have never eaten there, but I’ve heard good reviews about … Continue reading

Gino’s Pizza

You’ll notice that I haven’t been posting recipes much… that’s because I haven’t been cooking! Didn’t cook for two weeks.  On the first week, I had to attend training in Makati which finished just before 6PM, so I didn’t make it home until 7PM, ergo, no time to cook.  On the second week, hubby had … Continue reading

Yoghurt Toppings

D and I went to Centris recently.  The real goal was to have dessert, and I told him I still had my frozen yoghurt coupon from my BDJ Planner and that we should just use it.  Alas, the CBTL branch at Centris does not carry frozen yoghurt treats, so we retreated to Tutti Frutti next … Continue reading

Alyanne’s Cafe – Part 2

The third (and last!) voucher for Alyanne’s Cafe that we had was used over the long weekend.  This is really a sad note for me, I wish I could have bought more!  There was a limit on the number of vouchers that you could purchase online.  Oh well. So, on to our second trip.  Another … Continue reading