New Food Options at Serenitea

Aside from the usual pepper chicken and pepper corn, I like the mochi buns at Serenitea.  And depending on how hungry you are, you’ll likely find something that will pair well with your drink. Now… tada… drum roll, please…. new snack options! Now those who aren’t fond of very peppery snacks will have more options.  … Continue reading

Nommu Bar and Resto

So in case you haven’t noticed yet, my favorite food genre is Japanese.  Too bad they’re so expensive.  Anyhow.  So when I saw Ensogo selling vouchers for a Japanese resto along Tomas Morato, I couldn’t resist.   Take note of the name.  It really is a bar that also serves meals.  We had a php500 … Continue reading

Lunch at Mesa

On the day of our very-late-night-flight trip to Malaysia, I skipped work to see a doctor about my aching toe.  Turns out I sprained a tendon, which I suspect was caused by one of my heeled sandals.  Hated that I had to wait for 3 hours before the doctor came (yes, I was first in … Continue reading

Tommassi Ristorante

After numerous tries, we finally managed to dine at Tommassi.  The first attempt was as walk-in guests, and we were told that you could only dine if you made reservations.  On the second try, we called a few hours before dinner, but that wouldn’t do either.  It had to be at the very least a … Continue reading

Dinner at Diners’ Den

  We found a new affordable place to dine at at Tomas Morato.  Yes, Tomas Morato has dozens and dozens of restaurants, but finding one that is affordable is a real challenge.  Most of the restaurants there are familiar establishments, so we know which ones to steer clear of. We tried Diner’s Den simply because … Continue reading

FoodFind: Chef Bistro

Our second chance to use up online coupons was during our wedding anniversary.  D and I went to Chef’s Bistro at Scout Gandia, which is along the Tomas Morato area. Since we had a preview of the menu online, we pretty much knew how many coupons we needed to purchase.  We decided to get an … Continue reading

Foodfind: Kozui Green Tea

So here is the latest in our search for a new place to explore.  Along Tomas Morato, beside the Baang coffee shop.  I actually noticed it by accident when I was googling for reviews about Baang, and a blog that I stumbled upon mentioned that he was a regular at Kozui and just tried Baang … Continue reading