Belle de Jour 2014 Planner

My Belle de Jour 2014 planner has finally arrived!  I was not expecting it to arrive yesterday since it’s a national holiday.  It took quite a while too (more suspense, I guess) considering that I ordered it on the first week of October. What’s so special about the planner this year?  For one thing, you … Continue reading

My Christmas Wishlist

  There are a lot of things I would want to save up for, things that are useful in the house.  I’m not one who buys expensive bags or designer shoes, and yes, to me a Coach bag is expensive and I don’t see the need for one.  As I always say, the bag shouldn’t … Continue reading

How to Train your Freezer

I want a bigger freezer.  But no, I’m not going to buy a new ref. Having a big freezer has tons of advantages, such as not having to go to the market or grocery too often to restock.  And you know I’ve also started to stock on frozen veggies too.  As a solution to my … Continue reading

Welcome Back to Me!

Trip to Kuala Lumpur

So hubby and I recently went to Malaysia for a family event.  I won’t be posting all the details, as my husband already did that, and you can just read it in his blog.  However, I made this post as a summary for friends who ask whether Kuala Lumpur is a nice place to visit. … Continue reading

Healthy Cafeteria Lunch

One of the few times that I was happy with my lunch in the office.  I’m not talking about taste here, I’m talking about food choices that aren’t as artery-clogging.  Okay, so the fish was fried.  But I’ll take fried fish over fried pork slices any day.     And the best part is the … Continue reading

What to Pack

There are two kinds of travelers, the ones that squeeze everything in a backpack or carry on luggage, and the ones that put as much as they can in their checked in luggage so that they can travel light in the airport. I belong to the second group.  I avail of checked in luggage all … Continue reading

Real Chinese Food

I haven’t blogged in a long, looooooong time.  Well, there are just some things that you have to blog about.  I’ve been out of the country twice in the past two months, both of which were quite unexpected.  One was a business trip to Beijing, while another was for a family event in Kuala Lumpur. … Continue reading

BDJ 2012 Planner

My Belle de Jour 2012 planner has arrived in the mail!  Pretty quick transaction too.  I ordered it on Wednesday, paid for it on Thursday, it was shipped out on Friday, and it was already in my hands last Saturday! Though we were heading out when I saw it in the mailbox, I just took … Continue reading

I Confess, I Rarely Cook on Saturdays Now

Okaaaaay… I guess I had to say it sooner or later. Yes, I rarely cook on saturdays!  Recently, anyway.  It has been weeks since our last trip to the wet market that we go to, which used to be 10-15 minutes away by car.  Now there’s a road construction that more than doubled travel time. … Continue reading