Chicken in Pineapple Stew

This is my version of the pininyahang manok.  I decided to cook it for dinner today because we did a major cleanup of the ref this afternoon to throw out all the stuff that were past the expiry date, felt really bad about the wasted food, and decided to make use of the neglected cans … Continue reading

Chicken with Chinese Sausage and Mushrooms

I’ve been acquainted with chinese mushrooms ever since I was young.  My dad used to slice them thinly, fry them in a little oil, then serve them with a drizzling of vinegar and a sprinkling of sugar.  That would be a special breakfast for me and my dad would always make sure I had a … Continue reading

Oriental Chicken

This is based on a recipe online that I got at Little House.  I know, I know, the picture below is a far cry from the original recipe, but it tasted great, and that is what matters the most! 🙂 Oh, and I used sunquick concentrate as replacement for the orange juice. 🙂 This is a … Continue reading

Braised Chicken in Oyster Sauce

This is an emergency recipe.  By “emergency” I mean I had planned on cooking something else (a broccoli salad with cheese dressing) but the grocery did not have the ingredients that I needed.   So, this is what I whipped up instead.  Chicken braised in Oyster Sauce, mixed with veggies.  I try to always cook … Continue reading

Stir Fry Chicken Wings

Another recipe that’s really easy.  A successful experiment, brought about by an incident when I didn’t have too many available ingredients in my kitchen. All you need are chicken wings, white onions, soy sauce, and sugar.  Yes, that’s it. Cut up the chicken wings into two parts, separating the lollipop/drumstick part from the first two … Continue reading

Chicken with Celery

Hubby wanted celery.  I didn’t want to make salad, so I said I’d just cook it with chicken fillet. I would have used thigh fillets, but there were none available, so I was forced to use chicken breasts.  For the celery, I only use the stalks.  I have never tried cooking the leaves.  Just wash, … Continue reading

M’s Chopsuey

Here is another veggie dish that D and I both enjoyed.  Crunchy mixed veggies with chicken liver sneaked in.  I say ‘sneak’ because D doesn’t like eating liver, but was okay as long as he could remove them from his plate. Since I didn’t want my veggies to be soggy, I cooked them separately, one … Continue reading

Chicken a la King

For today’s lunch, I prepared Chicken a la King.  It was just right as I had spare ingredients in the ref, save one.  I would’ve cooked it the other night, but alas, we were out of mushrooms. Here is my version. Ingredients: Chicken fillet (I used 2 legs and a thigh), chopped 1 small bell … Continue reading

Benefits of Cooking at Home

I had not intended to post this entry, be forewarned that this might border on being gross. It is my personal opinion that the natural fat from meat (including the one that oozes out while you cook them) is waaaaaay unhealthier than the cooking oil in bottles. So here is a picture of the fat … Continue reading

Something’s About to Invade this Blog…

I’ll call this Hint #1… and this is Hint #2… Let me know if you can guess what they are! =)