Dessert Duo: Oreo Cookie Balls and Banana Chocolate Mousse

My boss in the US always comments on how many holidays we have in Manila.  Practically every month.  More notably, we had 3 holidays for August 2013.  If our office had been located in Quezon City, we would have had 4 holidays this month. But I made good use of the last holiday and tried … Continue reading

FoodFind: Illy

Yesterday was one of those rare occacions when we went to Makati. We rarely go there. Aside from the distance and the traffic, hubby hates figuring out which streets are one-way in what direction. But we had to do stuff so off we went to Glorietta. After standing up for 3 hours, we were tired … Continue reading

Banana Dessert

Easy to make, fun to make, healthy. This was served because there was leftover cream from the Eggplant Lasagna dish.  I used cream for both the sauce and on the mashed potatoes that went with it.  The remaining cream was left in the ref and made into a topping for this yummy dessert. Chocolate used … Continue reading