Healthy Cafeteria Lunch

One of the few times that I was happy with my lunch in the office.  I’m not talking about taste here, I’m talking about food choices that aren’t as artery-clogging.  Okay, so the fish was fried.  But I’ll take fried fish over fried pork slices any day.     And the best part is the … Continue reading

Chocolate on My Waffles

No butter or maple syrup on my waffles please.  Just dark chocolate syrup, thank you.     If you find it weird that I put chocolate syrup on my waffles, you’re not alone.  A lot of people have told me how weird I am, haha. 🙂  Try it before you judge! Really good! Before, I … Continue reading

Cream Cheese Spread

There was a time when S&R was on sale, and I managed to buy a box of Philadelphia Cream Cheese for only Php65.  That’s really a good deal.  I would’ve bought more, but I was warned about how short the shelf life was.  Dad said that I had to consume it within a week after … Continue reading

Yoghurt Toppings

D and I went to Centris recently.  The real goal was to have dessert, and I told him I still had my frozen yoghurt coupon from my BDJ Planner and that we should just use it.  Alas, the CBTL branch at Centris does not carry frozen yoghurt treats, so we retreated to Tutti Frutti next … Continue reading

What to do with Croutons

Aside from adding it to salad, like what I did on my broccoli salad, you can use croutons as toppers for soup.  This is hubby’s idea, really.  In the picture below, we added it to a chicken sopas (macaroni pasta in creamy soup) that we had for breakfast on a rainy saturday morning.  

Elle & Vire Cheese

This is my current favorite cheese, which I discovered while searching for a substitute that I could use for my experimental tomato with cheese appetizer. Inside the package are eight individual servings. Available in most supermarkets — Landmark, S&R, etc.  I usually just slather it on some toasted wheat (multigrain) bread.  Yummy goodness.

Choco Syrup and More

What do you shop for when you’re out of town? My rule of thumb is, you only buy it if it’s not available in your hometown, or it’s half the price.  You always have to weigh the options and consider whether it’s worth the trouble to pack and carry.  You know how limited luggage space … Continue reading

Breakfast for Two: Baguettes

Every so often, i try to think of something different to prepare.  on weekdays when D and i rush to get to work on time, the usual breakfast is a packed sandwich, either PB&J, ham, cheese, tuna, marmalade, whatever.  so on weekends, when we have more time, we have an occasional pancake breakfast, or ma-chang, … Continue reading

M’s Chopsuey

Here is another veggie dish that D and I both enjoyed.  Crunchy mixed veggies with chicken liver sneaked in.  I say ‘sneak’ because D doesn’t like eating liver, but was okay as long as he could remove them from his plate. Since I didn’t want my veggies to be soggy, I cooked them separately, one … Continue reading

Our Little Christmas Project

For the past two years as a married couple, D and I try to be diligent in always keeping in touch with our ninongs and ninangs.  We really appreciate them because they do give good advice to us all the time, as our real parents would.  At the very least, we visit each one during … Continue reading