Kiampong aka Adobo Rice

I grew up with a lot of chinese dishes and Kiampong is one of them.  It’s nothing but adobo rice, really,  with vegetables mixed in.   The kiampong that I grew accustomed to had chunks of radish and leafy veggies like Pechay.  Our ninang also made an excellent version, using hibi (dried preserved shrimps) and … Continue reading

PF Chang Mongolian Pork

So I’ve never been to PF Chang but my friends have told stories and squealed in excitement when they opened their first branch in Manila.  I wasn’t too excited to try it because I knew the prices would be sky high.  Other than McDonald’s, every other food place franchised from the US is expensive.  Think … Continue reading

Tofu Steak

I told my hubby that I had a surprise prepared for lunch.  This is a surprise because I don’t eat tofu. 🙂 This was inspired from my mom’s favorite dish over at Teriyaki Boy.  I told hubby that japanese tofu was easier for me to “endure” because they were so soft that I could swallow … Continue reading

Chinese Adobo

On one occasion when we were having lunch in the office, a friend and I started discussing on what the difference is between the typical Filipino adobo and what makes it a Chinese version of adobo.  We both grew up in the FilChi environment, and were exposed to a lot of chinese food.  Okay, so … Continue reading

Braised Pork Ribs version 1

    This is a recipe that I got from A Good Appetite, which in turn was taken from Eating Out Loud.  I called it version 1 because I’m pretty sure I’ll have other braised recipes for pork ribs in the future. (typing as I drink my cold milk with dark chocolate syrup) This is … Continue reading

Stringbeans with Longganisa

Just to share what I did with some leftover longganisa from breakfast. I used it to flavor the veggies for dinner.  You might notice that I already did that once, on our tempura with veggies dinner.  The longganisa I used was a leftover from breakfast.  Why not, right?    

Breaded Pork on Pasta

Our freezer is practically empty, with only a few bags of pork and one bag of boneless bangus.  Next marketing day won’t be until after six days.  To keep it from getting monotonous, I’m trying to cook pork dishes that are radically different from each other.   The bag of pork that I thawed was … Continue reading

Bicol Express

I did something new last night.  I cooked something that I had never tasted before.  Simply because I know Bicol Express is a spicy dish, and I’m not a big fan of spicy dishes.  However, since I’m cooking the dish, I can control how spicy I want it to be. J   My hubby loves spicy dishes, … Continue reading

Lechon Kawali

This is part 3 of the pork ribs slab that went into the Pork BBQ Ribs and Pork Hofan Noodle Soup.  first runner up to the artery-clogging competition (lechon always wins, of course), lechon kawali must be a staple in every filipino menu.  toyo with calamansi, mang tomas sauce, ketchup… anything goes well with this … Continue reading

Pork Hofan Noodle Soup

So, after I cut up the ribs part to make the barbecued slab, what did I do with the liempo?  A part of it was “stolen” to make some nice, piping-hot noodle soup that I served on a cold rainy night.  And for a change, I used hofan instead of the usual egg noodles. The … Continue reading