Cream Cheese Spread

There was a time when S&R was on sale, and I managed to buy a box of Philadelphia Cream Cheese for only Php65.  That’s really a good deal.  I would’ve bought more, but I was warned about how short the shelf life was.  Dad said that I had to consume it within a week after … Continue reading

Kani Salad

I know it’s a weekday, and I usually blog on weekends, but I’m really excited about this post. This is the first time I’ve made Kani Salad, an appetizer which I truly adore.   There were several obstacles I had to face before my first attempt.  One, how to shred the cucumber.  I had no … Continue reading

Broccoli Salad

This is a winner.  I made it as a side dish, but we realized that this could be filling enough for a whole meal in itself.   Real easy to make, and yummy, and nutritious.  What more could you ask for? Cut up the broccoli and cauliflower into bite-size pieces.  Wash and blanch.  I boiled … Continue reading