Healthy Cafeteria Lunch

One of the few times that I was happy with my lunch in the office.  I’m not talking about taste here, I’m talking about food choices that aren’t as artery-clogging.  Okay, so the fish was fried.  But I’ll take fried fish over fried pork slices any day.     And the best part is the … Continue reading

Clams with Tausi

I cannot believe I haven’t posted this recipe.  It’s been months since I last cooked this dish. The hardest part about cooking clams is the cleaning part.  You have to soak it in water for several hours, changing the water several times.  You have to make it spit the sand out, much like what you … Continue reading

Kani Salad

I know it’s a weekday, and I usually blog on weekends, but I’m really excited about this post. This is the first time I’ve made Kani Salad, an appetizer which I truly adore.   There were several obstacles I had to face before my first attempt.  One, how to shred the cucumber.  I had no … Continue reading

Sweet and Sour Fish

There are four kinds of fish that we typically buy from the wet market.  Bangus (deboned), Hasa-hasa, Lapu-lapu (grouper?), and Labahita.  I like tilapia but D doesn’t like it.  Usually, I have the labahita filleted in the market, but last time I told them to just clean it and give it to me whole, as … Continue reading

Baby Squid in Olive Oil

Last night’s dinner, or should I say, appetizer.  Very light. I purchased some baby squid during our last trip to the market.  This is the first time I purchased baby squid, with bodies abour two inches in length.  The usual ones that I get are about five or six inches in body length.  Also, hubby … Continue reading

Experimental Soup #2: Sea Cucumber with Mushrooms

So… this is experimental soup #2.  If you remember, experimental soup #1 was the Polonchay Soup a few months back.  Though I fancy eggdrop soup, there is something fascinating about the dark, thick, full-of-hidden-treasures bowls you see in chinese restaurants. It all started when i was browsing through the market, and while at the fish … Continue reading

Sashimi Night Part III: Shrimp Tempura

So, onto our third sashimi session.  This time, while I was thinking of what to pair with it, D mentioned that he wanted some rice.  As I was poring over the cupboards and the freezer, thinking of what to cook, I suddenly had the inspiration to cook shrimp tempura.  Good thing there was just enough … Continue reading

Fish Fillet with Ampalaya

Last Sunday, I went to the market while hubby ran some errands of his own.  Since it was relatively early, about 6:30AM, I still had quite a spread of choices in the fish section.  Because our favorite, labahita, was unavailable, I opted for another kind that I could fillet.  If I’m not mistaken, it’s called … Continue reading

Sashimi Night Part II: Veggie Fest

On our next home sashimi session, we decided to have a veggie feast along with it, instead of the california maki and sweet and sour pork that appeared a couple of weeks back.    So here you have it, three kinds of veggies. First, pechay tagalog, cooked with oyster sauce, garlic, and a drizzle of … Continue reading

Our Japanese (and Chinese) Lunch

I had been craving sashimi all week.  Browsing through the internet for a cheap sushi lunch, I saw a shop in megamall that sold affordable ones, but found out later on that they had already closed down. 😦 Last night (Friday), while D and I were at the mall, I invited him to try a … Continue reading