Sesame Leaves

I like going to different groceries because you’ll never know what interesting things they sell in the vegetables section.  Although generally I would say that the vegetables in Landmark at Trinoma are fresher because of the high turnover, they have limited choices and tend to concentrate on the basics.  I usually don’t like to do … Continue reading

Pork Hofan Noodle Soup

So, after I cut up the ribs part to make the barbecued slab, what did I do with the liempo?  A part of it was “stolen” to make some nice, piping-hot noodle soup that I served on a cold rainy night.  And for a change, I used hofan instead of the usual egg noodles. The … Continue reading

Experimental Soup #2: Sea Cucumber with Mushrooms

So… this is experimental soup #2.  If you remember, experimental soup #1 was the Polonchay Soup a few months back.  Though I fancy eggdrop soup, there is something fascinating about the dark, thick, full-of-hidden-treasures bowls you see in chinese restaurants. It all started when i was browsing through the market, and while at the fish … Continue reading

Polonchay Soup

Technically speaking, i was aiming for spinach soup, like the ones you can order from a chinese restaurant. But i heard you could substitute polonchay as the main leafy-veggie ingredient, and since polonchay was more available in the market the day i went shopping, well, you get the picture. All you have to do is … Continue reading