Kiampong aka Adobo Rice

I grew up with a lot of chinese dishes and Kiampong is one of them.  It’s nothing but adobo rice, really,  with vegetables mixed in.   The kiampong that I grew accustomed to had chunks of radish and leafy veggies like Pechay.  Our ninang also made an excellent version, using hibi (dried preserved shrimps) and … Continue reading

Asparagus with Leeks

I first had asparagus with leeks at one of the local chinese restaurants.  Back then, I think it was a trick to make it look plentiful since asparagus isn’t exactly the most widely available vegetable in Manila.  However, I did like the combination of the refreshing leeks against the  strong taste of the asparagus.  To … Continue reading

Sesame Leaves

I like going to different groceries because you’ll never know what interesting things they sell in the vegetables section.  Although generally I would say that the vegetables in Landmark at Trinoma are fresher because of the high turnover, they have limited choices and tend to concentrate on the basics.  I usually don’t like to do … Continue reading

Homemade Frozen Vegetables

The other day, I was at the supermarket to stock up on hubby’s office snacks and some coffee. When I reached the freezer section,  I saw some frozen broccoli, a bag of which was about as big as a legal-sized document and costs about Php180.  Beside it was a bag of the same size containing … Continue reading

Broccoli with 3 kinds of Mushrooms

It’s rare that I go to SM to grocery shop, but the last time that I did, I found another new kind of mushroom. Seriously, I don’t know what they’re called, and the label doesn’t help much either.  So I mixed it with 2 other kinds.  Notice that the strange one has a dark hue … Continue reading

Healthy Cafeteria Lunch

One of the few times that I was happy with my lunch in the office.  I’m not talking about taste here, I’m talking about food choices that aren’t as artery-clogging.  Okay, so the fish was fried.  But I’ll take fried fish over fried pork slices any day.     And the best part is the … Continue reading

Broccoli with Zucchini

Last weekend was our company’s offsite activity at one of the beach resorts about 3 hours south of Manila.  One of the things that they served during lunch was a broccoli with zucchini dish which I loved and replicated at home.     This was real easy to make too. Just cut the zucchini into … Continue reading

Cream Cheese Spread

There was a time when S&R was on sale, and I managed to buy a box of Philadelphia Cream Cheese for only Php65.  That’s really a good deal.  I would’ve bought more, but I was warned about how short the shelf life was.  Dad said that I had to consume it within a week after … Continue reading

Kailan Veggies with Mushrooms

Kai-lan veggies are crunchy green leafy veggies that look something like broccoli leaves.  Actually, they’re called Chinese Broccoli.  They have a slight bitter taste, but we love them because they stay crunchy even after cooking.  The bitterness is miles away from ampalaya though.  At chinese restaurants, you’ll usually find it in the menu, with either … Continue reading

Broccoli Salad

This is a winner.  I made it as a side dish, but we realized that this could be filling enough for a whole meal in itself.   Real easy to make, and yummy, and nutritious.  What more could you ask for? Cut up the broccoli and cauliflower into bite-size pieces.  Wash and blanch.  I boiled … Continue reading