Real Chinese Food

I haven’t blogged in a long, looooooong time.  Well, there are just some things that you have to blog about.  I’ve been out of the country twice in the past two months, both of which were quite unexpected.  One was a business trip to Beijing, while another was for a family event in Kuala Lumpur. … Continue reading

Alyanne’s Cafe – Part 2

The third (and last!) voucher for Alyanne’s Cafe that we had was used over the long weekend.  This is really a sad note for me, I wish I could have bought more!  There was a limit on the number of vouchers that you could purchase online.  Oh well. So, on to our second trip.  Another … Continue reading

Experimental Soup #2: Sea Cucumber with Mushrooms

So… this is experimental soup #2.  If you remember, experimental soup #1 was the Polonchay Soup a few months back.  Though I fancy eggdrop soup, there is something fascinating about the dark, thick, full-of-hidden-treasures bowls you see in chinese restaurants. It all started when i was browsing through the market, and while at the fish … Continue reading

Polonchay Soup

Technically speaking, i was aiming for spinach soup, like the ones you can order from a chinese restaurant. But i heard you could substitute polonchay as the main leafy-veggie ingredient, and since polonchay was more available in the market the day i went shopping, well, you get the picture. All you have to do is … Continue reading