New Food Options at Serenitea

Aside from the usual pepper chicken and pepper corn, I like the mochi buns at Serenitea.  And depending on how hungry you are, you’ll likely find something that will pair well with your drink. Now… tada… drum roll, please…. new snack options! Now those who aren’t fond of very peppery snacks will have more options.  … Continue reading

Real Chinese Food

I haven’t blogged in a long, looooooong time.  Well, there are just some things that you have to blog about.  I’ve been out of the country twice in the past two months, both of which were quite unexpected.  One was a business trip to Beijing, while another was for a family event in Kuala Lumpur. … Continue reading

Our Little Christmas Project

For the past two years as a married couple, D and I try to be diligent in always keeping in touch with our ninongs and ninangs.  We really appreciate them because they do give good advice to us all the time, as our real parents would.  At the very least, we visit each one during … Continue reading