Pho Hoa Appetizers

Think vietnamese food and Pho Hoa comes to mind.  I’ve eaten there a few times.  Some are hits and some are misses, but the noodle soups are pretty good. On a day when D and I had a late lunch, we headed to Pho Hoa.  This was at the Greenhills branch, at the ground floor … Continue reading

Gino’s Pizza

You’ll notice that I haven’t been posting recipes much… that’s because I haven’t been cooking! Didn’t cook for two weeks.  On the first week, I had to attend training in Makati which finished just before 6PM, so I didn’t make it home until 7PM, ergo, no time to cook.  On the second week, hubby had … Continue reading

Pepeton’s Grill

Hubby and I went to Pepeton’s Grill on a Tuesday afternoon.  We came early for the dinner crowd, just a little past 5PM. I knew before we went there that the place had a special dish called ‘Kapalmuks’ – half of a pig’s head deep fried until crispy.  However, that will probably be too much … Continue reading

Online Coupons

I have been regularly tracking three websites that offer discount coupons for foods and services. These websites allow promotional rates for different establishments for a limited period of time.  Personally, I have only tried Ensogo.  Purchased twice, but since the coupons are good for about 6 months, I have not used them … Continue reading