Nommu Bar and Resto

So in case you haven’t noticed yet, my favorite food genre is Japanese.  Too bad they’re so expensive.  Anyhow.  So when I saw Ensogo selling vouchers for a Japanese resto along Tomas Morato, I couldn’t resist.   Take note of the name.  It really is a bar that also serves meals.  We had a php500 … Continue reading

Brown Rice at Teriyaki Boy

This was from the last time that we ate at Teriyaki Boy in Banawe.  Sometimes we try to order something different, something that we haven’t tried before.  On this occasion, I’m glad that we did. Presenting the Tori Brown Rice Nabe. They did a superb job with this.  The rice was soft and not grainy, … Continue reading

Sashimi Night Part III: Shrimp Tempura

So, onto our third sashimi session.  This time, while I was thinking of what to pair with it, D mentioned that he wanted some rice.  As I was poring over the cupboards and the freezer, thinking of what to cook, I suddenly had the inspiration to cook shrimp tempura.  Good thing there was just enough … Continue reading