Just to list down things that we don’t eat at home.  Things you most probably won’t see in my recipes.

For D:

  • bagoong
  • crabs (claw part negotiable)
  • tilapia
  • lengua (ox tongue)
  • liver

For M:

  • tofu (though I do eat taho)
  • eggplant (unless fried or grilled)
  • century egg
  • brussel sprouts
  • mongo
  • oatmeal
4 Responses to “Unpalatable”
  1. ros says:

    Gosh! comfort food ko pa naman ang pritong tilapia with fried talong, bagoong and vinegar! You guys are picky eaters 🙂

  2. emnidy says:

    i love tilapia! i try to cook it when i know D won’t be eating dinner at home. hahaha!

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