Kiampong aka Adobo Rice

I grew up with a lot of chinese dishes and Kiampong is one of them.  It’s nothing but adobo rice, really,  with vegetables mixed in.   The kiampong that I grew accustomed to had chunks of radish and leafy veggies like Pechay.  Our ninang also made an excellent version, using hibi (dried preserved shrimps) and roasted peanuts.  “Kiam” is salty and “Pong” is rice.   Here is my own easy to make version.

It really is nothing more than cooking adobo and adding rice to it.  There is a separate blog entry on what I think the difference is between a chinese and filipino adobo.  One thing I worried about is that I would be making it using brown rice for the first time.  Turned out that worrying was a complete waste of energy.  It actually came out really nice.



Just cook the meat in soy sauce and garlic, as normal adobo.  No vinegar since this is a chinese version.  To add a bit of sweetness instead of just saltiness all over, I added 2 sliced onions.  When the meat is tender enough and the onions mushy enough, I added a bit of starch solution to thicken up the sauce.  This will help tremendously in making the sauce stick to the rice.  Watch the amount of adobo sauce that you have before adding in the pre-cooked rice.  You should have a bit more than enough to coat the rice bits.

Mix well, and once the rice has coated and absorbed the adobo sauce, add the chopped veggies.  I used mustard leaves.  Warning though, they are a bit bitter, but I think they make a great contrast to the saltiness of the rice.  Also added a bit of spring onions for some crunch.  Easy, wasn’t it? 😀

Also, don’t scrimp on the meat as this is usually eaten as a solo dish.  If you wish, you may have a side of vegetables at the most.  Definitely a recipe to keep.


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