Quick and Easy

the last time i went to the grocery, i thought i’d shop around for some easy to prepare goodies.  there are times when i don’t have much time to cook — or when i don’t have time to defrost anything — and there are times when hubby is suddenly hungry in mid afternoon and we don’t have anything except chips and noodles.  there are 2 things i picked up at the grocery that i thought i’d try.

first is the King Sue Sisig.  it’s packed looking like a gigantic sausage, kept frozen, but it cooks pretty quick.  sorry i didn’t get to take a picture before i emptied out the contents. whoopsie.  live and learn.

anyhow, it was pretty okay.  i just cooked it with chopped garlic and onions, and it came out okay.  serving size: we had it for dinner (plus some veggies) and there was enough for my lunch the next day.

the other one is Bravo frozen pizza.  apparently, you can pop it directly to the oven and it’ll be ready in ten minutes.  but lo and behold, it burned in less than 8 minutes!  sorry, no pictures.  but i will definitely try it again.  next time.  honestly, i was supposed to get the Jimini brand, hubby says they make good pizza, but the packaging came at 3 pizzas per box and i didn’t have enough freezer space for that.

third, my tried and tested yummy breakfast alternative, is frozen waffles.  i’ve tried the Eggo brand and it’s pretty okay. another toaster client.  however, it’s not available at all supermarkets.  the one we tried before was purchased from duty free philippines, and there’s another brand at S&R, i’ll put up another post when i remember the name.  (photo below taken from http://www.markcurtismedia.com)

photo courtesy of http://www.markcurtismedia.comthat’s all for now.  ’til my next grocery shopping! =)

3 Responses to “Quick and Easy”
  1. deohsan says:

    More Jimini! More Jimini!

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