Lechon Kawali

This is part 3 of the pork ribs slab that went into the Pork BBQ Ribs and Pork Hofan Noodle Soup.  first runner up to the artery-clogging competition (lechon always wins, of course), lechon kawali must be a staple in every filipino menu.  toyo with calamansi, mang tomas sauce, ketchup… anything goes well with this classic dish.

first, note that i cooked the meat whole.  no chopping before cooking.  when the meat is tender enough, i pan fry it on all sides.  by pan fry, i mean it as opposed to deep frying.  just grease your pan with oil, and brown all sides of the meat.  lastly, place in the toaster and heat until the skin becomes crisp.  i usually put it in 3-minute timers, then add another cycle if the skin isn’t crispy enough.  if you have lots of time, i would suggest giving it some time to cool before heating it up again.  warning though, you WILL hear the skin pop.  it will become practically chicharon, after all.  Also, see all that oil? All that fat?  Throw it away and save your heart the trouble of declogging.

After that, it’s a matter of chopping.  As you can see, I am light years away from making it look presentable.  Anyhow.  It tastes wonderful.  I used the calamansi with toyo as a dipping sauce instead of the usual Mang Tomas sarsa.  Served with sauteed chinese kangkong with oyster sauce on the side.

2 Responses to “Lechon Kawali”
  1. darqlabs says:

    I was just turned on to this dish recently, and its already made its way up to the favorites list. and this one looks great.

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