Friuli Trattoria

Maginhawa Street in Quezon City is getting known as food street.  It’s as if the residences there suddenly realized they all wanted to open up restaurants.  To get there, you can go through either CP Garcia Avenue or via Elliptical Road.  (Maps courtesy of Google Maps and Wikimapia) Here’s a snapshot of the restaurants there. … Continue reading

Tommassi Ristorante

After numerous tries, we finally managed to dine at Tommassi.  The first attempt was as walk-in guests, and we were told that you could only dine if you made reservations.  On the second try, we called a few hours before dinner, but that wouldn’t do either.  It had to be at the very least a … Continue reading

Gino’s Pizza

You’ll notice that I haven’t been posting recipes much… that’s because I haven’t been cooking! Didn’t cook for two weeks.  On the first week, I had to attend training in Makati which finished just before 6PM, so I didn’t make it home until 7PM, ergo, no time to cook.  On the second week, hubby had … Continue reading

Alyanne’s Cafe

Here is another food adventure using an Ensogo voucher.  No pics from this trip, since I made it a personal rule not to take pictures when eating out with my mom and dad. Though I have never heard of Alyanne’s Cafe before, and neither has any of my friends, I was still inclined to buy … Continue reading

Breaded Pork on Pasta

Our freezer is practically empty, with only a few bags of pork and one bag of boneless bangus.  Next marketing day won’t be until after six days.  To keep it from getting monotonous, I’m trying to cook pork dishes that are radically different from each other.   The bag of pork that I thawed was … Continue reading

Dinner at BigOli

Yeah, yeah, yeah… another coupon adventure. I can’t help it. This is what we do on nights when hubby and I both get off work late. We eat out, and what better way to try new places at terrific prices?   But I do my homework before I buy the vouchers. Here are the things … Continue reading

Eggplant Lasagna

This recipe was inspired by two things: what I thawed in the ref before I left for work in the morning, and extra (leftover) fresh tomatoes.  Served with the tomato with cheese appetizer. I thawed some ground beef, intending to cook it with the usual baguio beans with oyster sauce.  But like I said before, … Continue reading

Tomato with Cheese Appetizer

This is inspired from something I had tried before while on vacation.  My cousins took me to Atlantic City, and we had a pre-mothers’ day celebration at The Old Homestead Steakhouse. I loved the appetizer that my nephew ordered for us, and because my husband loves big juicy tomotoes, it tried replicating it at home. … Continue reading