Belle de Jour 2014 Planner

My Belle de Jour 2014 planner has finally arrived!  I was not expecting it to arrive yesterday since it’s a national holiday.  It took quite a while too (more suspense, I guess) considering that I ordered it on the first week of October. What’s so special about the planner this year?  For one thing, you … Continue reading

Espresso Day at McDonald’s

I first heard about the espresso day promo from facebook.  So here’s the deal.  You know McDonald’s has McCafe.  Mondays and Saturdays only.  For every value meal that you purchase, you can have your drink upgraded for free to a regular cappuccino or a medium iced mocha.  I think it’s a great deal because an … Continue reading

Nommu Bar and Resto

So in case you haven’t noticed yet, my favorite food genre is Japanese.  Too bad they’re so expensive.  Anyhow.  So when I saw Ensogo selling vouchers for a Japanese resto along Tomas Morato, I couldn’t resist.   Take note of the name.  It really is a bar that also serves meals.  We had a php500 … Continue reading

Chewy Junior Menu

I’ve never tasted anything from Chewy Junior, but I’ve heard a lot about it from some friends from work.  So when they offered coupons for it, I decided it was the right time to try it out.  15 mini puffs for Php100 is definitely not a bad deal! The deal requires you to make a … Continue reading

Tommassi Ristorante

After numerous tries, we finally managed to dine at Tommassi.  The first attempt was as walk-in guests, and we were told that you could only dine if you made reservations.  On the second try, we called a few hours before dinner, but that wouldn’t do either.  It had to be at the very least a … Continue reading

BDJ 2012 Planner

My Belle de Jour 2012 planner has arrived in the mail!  Pretty quick transaction too.  I ordered it on Wednesday, paid for it on Thursday, it was shipped out on Friday, and it was already in my hands last Saturday! Though we were heading out when I saw it in the mailbox, I just took … Continue reading

Dear Seasons, You Didn’t Even Try

Dear Seasons Buffet at the Manila Pavilion, The buffet experience at Seasons last Sunday night was so disappointing that at first, I could not bear to not write about it.  The images from other blogs on the internet show how much the quality has degraded over the past few months.  You represent the hotel, and … Continue reading

Shantung Dinner

I know I’ve said that there were very few websites that I buy vouchers from, but this is one exception.  A good friend in the office told me that there was a voucher for a restaurant called Shantung, which was very near our house.  I have never eaten there, but I’ve heard good reviews about … Continue reading

Alyanne’s Cafe – Part 2

The third (and last!) voucher for Alyanne’s Cafe that we had was used over the long weekend.  This is really a sad note for me, I wish I could have bought more!  There was a limit on the number of vouchers that you could purchase online.  Oh well. So, on to our second trip.  Another … Continue reading

Pepeton’s Grill

Hubby and I went to Pepeton’s Grill on a Tuesday afternoon.  We came early for the dinner crowd, just a little past 5PM. I knew before we went there that the place had a special dish called ‘Kapalmuks’ – half of a pig’s head deep fried until crispy.  However, that will probably be too much … Continue reading